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《Enterprise Integration with》 (英文原版进口)

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book description
typical enterprises use dozens, hundreds, and sometimes even thousands of applications, components, services, and databases. many of them are custom built in-house or by third parties, some are bought, others are based on open source projects, and the origin of a few--usually the most critical ones--is completely unknown.
a lot of applications are very old, some are fairly new and seemingly no two of them were written using the same tools. they run on heterogeneous operating systems and hardware, they use databases and messaging systems from various vendors, and they were written in different programming languages.
see how to glue these disparate applications together using popular technologies such as:
ldap, oracle, and MySQL
xml documents and dtds
sockets, http, and rest
xml/rpc, soap, and others
...and more.
if you're on the hook to integrate enterprise-class systems together, the tips and techniques in this book will help.

《Everyday Scripting with Ruby: For Teams, Testers, and You》(英文原版进口)

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book description
are you a tester who spends more time manually creating complex test data than using it? a business analyst who seemingly went to college all those years so you can spend your days copying data from reports into spreadsheets? a programmer who can't finish each day's task without having to scan through version control system output, looking for the file you want?
if so, you're wasting that computer on your desk. offload the drudgery to where it belongs, and free yourself to do what you should be doing: thinking. all you need is a scripting language (free!), this book (cheap!), and the dedication to work through the examples and exercises.
everyday scripting with ruby is divided into four parts. in the first, you'll learn the basics of the ruby scripting language. in the second, you'll see how to create scripts in a steady, controlled way using test-driven design. the third part is about finding, understanding, and using the work of others--and about preparing your scripts for others to use. the fourth part, more advanced, is about saving even more time by using application frameworks.

《Practical Ruby for System Administration》(英文原版进口)

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book description
ruby has set the world on fire, proving itself a serious challenger to perl and python in all spheres. in particular, more and more people are discovering that ruby's flexibility, superb feature set, and gentle learning curve make it a natural choice for system administration tasks, from the humblest server to the largest enterprise deployment.
within the pages of practical ruby for system administration, you'll learn the ruby way to construct files, tap into clouds of data, build domain-specific languages, perform network traffic analysis, and more.
based on author andré ben hamou's own experiences working as a system administrator, this book will help you pick up practical tips on ruby coding style, learn how to analyze and improve script performance, and make use of no-nonsense advice on scripting workflow, including testing and documentation.
above all, you'll come to appreciate the sheer power of ruby and the hundreds of benefits it offers for system administration.
this book places equal emphasis on fundamental ruby concepts as well as practical how-tos.
it uses examples from other languages to ease the transition to ruby.
the book is concise, entertaining, and informative--unlike many books aimed at system administrators, which can be overly long and stodgy.
about the author
andré ben hamou is the senior systems architect for freedom 255, a major british internet service provider. he was responsible for introducing ruby to the organization, which is bringing about a massive increase in efficiency and interoperability both internally and with outside systems.